We’re not just benefit experts — we’re tech experts, too.

Further differentiate your offerings

Our decision support tool is built to enhance your existing software platform. The recommendations made by the PERKY BENEFITS guide can automatically populate enrollment selections for employees in the official enrollment system. All the employee needs to do is review defaults on the enrollment system, hit confirm, and relax knowing they have conquered their benefit selections this year.

Increase traffic to your platform

We’re on top of continually changing regulations related to benefits (especially from pandemic relief packages) as well as the latest UX trends to create an awesome, engaging user experience. Let us take care of that, and you can benefit from a decision support tool as part of your offerings.

Why Our Tech is Better

Not to toot our own horn or anything (toot! toot!), but we’re proud of our software 😉

Simple UX

Our APIs create a seamless user experience for employees (aka: no confusing single sign-ons).

Easy Benefits Management

Complete & easy to use management interface for creating and configuring benefit packages for each group.

Robust Dev Tools

Access to your own developer console with API documentation, code examples, real time event monitoring, and a complete testing environment; giving your team the power to customize your integration to suit your needs.

We’re there when you need us

Dedicated Client Success Manager to drive then entire implementation process AND service you once you’re up and running.

And we love to collaborate

Opportunity for collaboration on customized marketing materials to help drive engagement.

PS: You have the opportunity to completely white-label PERKY to your platform’s brand!

We’re out there! Find platforms that have added PERKY.

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