Let our Decision Support Tool do the work for you

We’re not just benefit experts — we’re tech experts, too.

Flexibility is our middle name.

Our decision support is built with technology that’s able to easily enhance any enrollment workflow. That can mean leveraging PERKY’s standalone platform, integrating PERKY BENEFITS decision support within your platform, or integrating data feeds to and from the tool to streamline the experience. We’re here for it all.

You want decision support? You got it.

PERKY is on a mission to deliver decision support to every employee, so we’ll hang out where you hang out. Together, we’ll find the best implementation fit for your needs by collaborating with your current technology resources. We’re nimble and want to provide the best solution for you. 

Why Our Tech is Better

Not to toot our own horn or anything (toot! toot!), but we’re proud of our software 😉

Simple UX Enhances Every Enrollment Flow

No matter what other systems you or your employees are using, PERKY decision support can be added.

Employees love our modern look & feel.

Easy & Flexible Benefits Management

Complete & easy to use management interface for creating and configuring benefit packages for each group. We will work together to figure out who is the best party to administer PERKY and how we can automate as much data as possible.

Quick Turnaround – Really, We Promise…

PERKY can be up in running in just a few days as a standalone platform or a couple weeks as an embedded integration. We’ll help you figure out which one’s best for your goals!

Dedicated Client Success Team

PERKY is excited to drive then entire implementation process and offers support once you’re up and running. We’re there when you need us – always.

And we love to collaborate

Your success is our success.. we’re excited to work with our clients on data-driven case studies, specialized marketing materials, and exploring strategic partnerships to make sure we’re delivering the best results possible.

PS: You have the opportunity to white-label PERKY! We make that easy too 😃

See PERKY in Action

Test drive our tool for yourself.