Enhance the employee experience with a 24/7 accessible, pre-claims digital planning tool for paid family bonding leave.

Private & On-Demand Pre-Claims Planning Tool for Employees

Employees look to plan their leave an average of 4 months before the arrival of a new child. PERKY Leave enables companies to elevate the employee experience with a 24/7 on-demand, private, and mobile friendly digital resource that simplifies and visualizes the complex world of family bonding leave.

  • Personalized & engaging to educate employees on what leave benefits are available and why they’re valuable.

  • Interactive calendar to model an employee’s optimal leave plan prior to submitting their claim.

  • Employee information can be easily saved, changed, and accessed on any device 24/7. Employees can share leave announcements and plans with HR and Supervisors when they are most comfortable.

Strengthen any leave administration process you have in place today.

  • Customize configuration to include company offered paid family leave benefits, in addition to Littler-reviewed state and federal protection defaults.

  • Employee-specific action plan customized to company specific leave management and administration process.

  • Self-serve planning tool for employees to anonymously access accurate information and support exploring options with family members.

  • PERKY implemented within 7-10 business days.

Give it a try

The free, public version of PERKY Leave enables employees to explore which state and federal leave benefits could apply to them and what they mean.

See for yourself what PERKY Leave is all about