Streamlines education, tracking, and communication throughout the parental leave planning process.

Planning leave doesn’t have to be hard.

We’re here to simplify and scale the complex world of parental leave bonding by providing interactive education and planning tools for employees. This allows them to get an understanding of the benefits available to them without reading through endless PDFs, slide decks, and Google searches.

HR can simplify their processes and effectively communicate the nuances of their parental leave workflow through customized and automated benefits language, and providing actionable next steps for the employees to follow.

  • Tools to make both employees’ and HR’s lives easier

  • Present employer-offered leave benefits alongside state and federal mandates

  • Customized communications & employee reminders

It can be easy.

  • Self-serve employee experience

  • Customized link configured to employer offerings

  • Employee decision support includes the variety of leave opportunities available

  • Implementation within 7-10 business days

Employers love the value

Organized Information & Customization

Display Your Benefit Offerings

Consolidate leave benefit information for employees within an interactive calendar, saving HR time.

Customizable Language

Customized and automated language informs employees of employer-specific information.

Employee Action Plan

Employees are provided with actionable steps they can follow to maintain their responsibilities to fulfill their leave requirements.

Employees love the experience

Education & Planning Decision Support

  • Personalized education to understand what leave is available and why it’s important (ie: income, job protection, benefits).

  • Interactive calendar to model optimal leave plan based on household circumstances.

  • Shareable leave plans for convenient and real-time communication with HR.

  • Save plan to share with others and revisit to change at any time if leave circumstances change.

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