What’s PERKY?

An all-around better decision support tool
for employers and employees.

How do you make people benefit-smart?

You put user-friendly information at their fingertips.

What’s PERKY?

PERKY is a customized decision support system guiding the way to smarter employee benefits decisions—and happier HR professionals. You take care of employees’ well-being. We take care of yours. PERKY also comes with some added perks, like:

  • Access to a campaign manager and real-time reporting
  • Post-campaign dashboards
  • Automated employee communications

We’re just people, passionate about employee perks

How do you make people benefit-smart? We believe it happens by providing useful information, clear guidance, and individualized support. PERKY does just that, delivering context, explanation, and personalized recommendations for:

  • Health, dental, and vision benefits
  • Voluntary benefit options
  • Money-saving, paycheck-maximizing opportunities
  • 401(k) and HSA contribution visualizations

For your employees: How PERKY works

Select benefits that matter most to you and your family.

After answering a few simple questions, PERKY walks and talks your team members through their health, wealth, and voluntary benefit options. PERKY’s thorough, objective process leads to right-sized recommendations and smart, appropriate decisions based on their needs and your plan.

PERKY helps people

  • Avoid gaps in coverage by suggesting appropriate voluntary benefit options
  • Make paychecks go further by prioritizing tax-advantaged accounts
  • Save money year-round by highlighting valuable cost-saving opportunities

People love PERKY’s perks

  • Mobile-friendly
  • Accurate, location-based estimates
  • Bilingual: PERKY speaks English and Spanish
  • Actionable, personalized plan
PERKY works for employee perks

For employers: What’s in it for you?

The guidance you’d love to give. The savings you’d love to realize.

If you could help your people make smart benefits decisions, you would, wouldn’t you? But even if you had the time and in-depth understanding of each person’s unique circumstances, you’re limited by the law. PERKY helps you help employees help themselves. We streamline enrollment and provide fully compliant guidance for smarter benefits choices.

PERKY helps employers

  • Save time and reduce the costs of benefits communication
  • Track progress and measure success of benefits programs
  • Increase participation and engagement with benefits offerings
  • Improve job satisfaction and productivity with a healthy, engaged workforce
  • Attract and retain employees with valuable benefits experiences
  • Promote physical, mental, and financial wellbeing

Employers love PERKY’s perks

  • Automated employee emails to encourage participation
  • Real-time reporting to track progress
  • Post-campaign dashboards to illuminate employee interactions to drive future decisions
Employers love PERKY

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